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Nails Training Course

Considering starting a nail training course?

At Rubelle we are perfectionists. What better place to learn than our own salons.

A lot of our own clients say our nails on our social media look like Pinterest/instagram nails which we take pride in because of the level of detail we apply!

After interviewing so many nail masters, we realised that a lot of times technicians pay a lot of money for training but do not necessarily receive high quality training. Or some techs will watch a few YouTube videos and pick up a lot of unspoken bad practices - there is ofcourse good YouTube videos but without training it's not always easy to know which is a good practice and which is bad, or the unspoken tricks and skills used, so it may hinder how a technician can grow in their skill and the quality achievable.

Without professional detailed training, many techs continue to miss integral steps that all add up to how Proffessional the final result is. We see it when clients come to our salon with poor quality nail work and we have to correct it.

We decided to start the courses to bridge the gap in quality. What sets us apart is we do not only train, we actually work and service thousands of clients with a focus on achieving high quality, detailed results - we consider this work an art form that you continue to master. From all the knowledge we are able to transfer this into our training courses to you, our passion for quality and perfection and our in-depth Proffessional knowledge.

With this work, it's not just about applying colour neatly and precisely, the results is in the detail and the inside knowledge we share with you - for every type of client broken, short, long, damaged nails, extra long nails, designs. We help you to bridge the gap by teaching you key details that sometimes takes months/ years to learn without Proffessional training - this ofcourse is the natural process of becoming a master and continuing to improve.

With this line of work you have to be passionate about creating beautiful work and art, we do not recommend it for people who have no interest in artistic, creative work, as we have seen, it reduces the chances of succeeding or producing high quality results.

So if you are passionate and your heart is in the work, and you're willing to put in 100% effort as it's not always easy, we would love to have you on our courses - we have many exciting things to share with you and we would love to help you learn how to produce the results

Please contact us directly for information on our courses. All courses for 2024 start from January.

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